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Broadband Performance Index Workshop

On July 15, 2009, the Phoenix Center released a new "Broadband Adoption Index" ("BAI") before a crowd of over sixty people from academia, government and industry at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. The BAI was developed with the generous support of the Governments of Portugal and Brasil, and seeks to depart from conventional measures of broadband adoption by instead developing country-specific benchmarks by assigning a social value to various types of Internet access technologies.

Paper and Executive Summary:

T. Randolph Beard, George S. Ford and Lawrence J. Spiwak, The Broadband Adoption Index: Improving Measurements and Comparisons of Broadband Deployment and Adoption, PHOENIX CENTER POLICY PAPER No. 36 (July 2009).
[pdf file]

BAI Executive Summary
[pdf file]


Introduction: Lawrence J. Spiwak, President – The Phoenix Center[ppsx]

Keynote Address: Commissioner Robert McDowell - Federal Communications Commission [pdf]

Presentation of Research: Dr. George Ford, Chief Economist – The Phoenix Center [ppsx]

Discussion of Paper:

Dr. Michael Katz – University of California, Berkeley [ppsx]

Carlos Rodriguez –Telefonica Internacional USA, Inc. [ppsx]


Highlights from Phoenix Center Release of the Broadband Adoption Index

Part 1: Introduction by Phoenix Center President Lawrence J. Spiwak and Keynote Address by FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell

Part 2: Presentation of Research: Phoenix Center Chief Economist George S. Ford

Part 3: Discussion Panel with Dr. Michael Katz - University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business; Carols Rodriguez - Telefonica Internacional USA, Inc.; Charles Goldfarb -Congressional Research Service; and Tom Koutsky - Resident Scholar, The Phoenix Center (moderator)

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